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August 19, 2019

Small Commercial Bathroom Design Guide

Small Commercial Bathroom Design Guide 1

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Restroom design holds immense importance in commercial construction, yet it is ignored by many businesses. For small organizations that have limited space, optimizing restroom space can be a bit challenging task. That is why we have prepared this definitive guide to design commercial restroom for small facilities. Small commercial bathroom design offers some exceptional difficulties and tending to them will affect your general design and building plan. In case you’re in the process of designing a commercial restroom for your small facility, we are here to give you a summary of our professionally devised solutions.

Making a Small Restroom Feel Spacious

Now we will present to you our top tips for making a small restroom look spacious.
  • Mirror Placement: One way to deal with small restroom design is to cause the bathroom to seem bigger than it really is. There are numerous incredible approaches to achieve this objective. Begin by introducing lots of mirrors. This will give the feeling that there is significantly more space in the restroom. Additionally, it is more convenient to your clients and workers.
Small Commercial restroom mirrors

Since individuals who utilize public bathrooms need to fix their cloths or makeup and look more presentable and a lot of mirrors in the facility will make them feel comfortable. Mirrors will make it simple to check their appearance without asking people around them.   Mirrors that are placed opposite to each other are particularly effective, as they make the hallucination of endless space due to reflection. Ensure that the mirrors are installed flush against the wall instead of ornate frames. Thick mirrors or fancy edges will neutralize this visual effect.  
  • Reflective Surfaces: Bathroom stalls play an important role in the overall look of commercial restroom. Where they provide privacy to the people, they also make a restroom feel congested. One approach to unravel this is by installing stalls that have reflective surfaces.
Reflective partitions

Reflective partitions will neutralize the visual separation made by stalls. Polished shaded surfaces can achieve this goal and hence increasing the aesthetics of your restroom.   This effect can also be created by installing reflective flooring, sinks and steel counters. Consider installing shiny tiles in the floor.  
  • Leave Space Under Sinks: Many sink designs conceal the pipes underneath them within a cabinet which makes hand washing area congested. By uncovering plumbing underneath the sinks, you make visual space regardless of whether the vast majority aren’t utilizing it. Use sinks that are installed within the walls or a sink row inside a free standing counter.

In any case, make the space underneath the sinks presentable so that it does not look messy. You must be mindful of the aesthetics of the area underneath the sink just like you are for other areas.  
  • Incorporate Natural Light: Sunlight makes a small space look bigger. However, you need to make way for natural light more sensibly. Individuals utilizing public bathrooms anticipate a degree of protection and are probably going to be uncomfortable with clear windows than they would be at home.
Toilet windows

One way is to introduce windows that are high enough closer to the roof. You can likewise utilize frosted or obscure glass to let in light without giving anybody outside a view into the restroom. On the off chance that you are on the highest floor, a business lookout window may likewise be an extraordinary choice. All things considered, you must be more focused on people’s privacy rather than natural light. A great many people lean toward a small space over absence of security.  
  • Utilize Soft Colors: We know that light colors reflect light whereas strong colors absorb. Delicate hues will, thusly, cause the restroom to seem bigger. That doesn’t mean you can’t be imaginative with your shading plan. On the off chance that you put delicate hues on the divider, you can balance the dividers with darker hued installations and frill. This will improve the impact of the light colored dividers.
  • Recessed Lighting: Lighting plays a very vital role in commercial restroom design. The way you install lighting can impact whether restroom feels confined or spacious. You are required to use recessed lighting to achieve this goal. Lighting installations that are not recessed interfere with the valuable space accessible.
  Physical lighting apparatuses outwardly overload ceilings and walls. By using recessed lighting recessing, you will leave dividers and roof feeling subtle. As you select your lighting, be aware of the amount you are utilizing and the sorts of bulbs you are introducing. One of the results of excess lighting will be abundance heat.   On the off chance that you have an excessive number of bulbs creating heat, you will be required to either spend more on your cooling system or make restroom users uncomfortable. By just introducing as much lighting as you need, you abstain from settling on this predicament.  
  • Introduce Crown Molding: Crown molding can outwardly make restroom spacious. It makes the impact of a higher roof. Try not to utilize excessively enormous of a crown forming, as this will make restroom feel congested and make to look otherwise. Crown molding has the additional advantage of luxury feel.
  • Use Wall Art: For the individuals who need to make their business bathrooms feel progressively like home, it is recommended for them to use wall art. However, with regards to small restrooms, this could be counterproductive. Rather than making your bathroom all the more welcoming, divider craftsmanship may appear to be obstructive.

Rather, try to use vinyl decals instead wall art without hanging anything on the walls. Vinyl decals can increase the aesthetics without occupying any additional space.  
  • Introduce Slim Line Trashcans:
For the most part, you need to have a clear path in a small restroom without blocking the way. Trashcans are one of the most widely recognized unsupported items in a business restroom. Fortunately, there are space friendly trashcan designs. We suggest a wall mounted slim lined trashcan to make it look more spacious.   Taking into account that trashcans are generally installed close to the exit, this is a particularly decent choice if your restroom has a tight passage. Regardless of whether you have made an open restroom, a tight passageway will establish a first impression on clients, setting up your washroom as being confined.  
  • Install Storage closet Outside: Do not install storage closet inside the restroom if space is your concern. On the off chance that you have to put a janitor’s storage room close to the restroom, try to install it in a different place than inside restroom. In addition, you just need one janitor’s storeroom for both genders, so setting it somewhere else than inside the restroom makes more sense.

Make Your Bathroom Design ADA Compliant

Regardless of whether you have a small restroom, you are still required to follow the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) prerequisites and execute them into your structure. There are numerous prerequisites that are required for restroom structure. These are expected as a prologue to a portion of the fundamental issues, however you must follow the official rules to guarantee you are completely consistent with the guidelines. Here are a few of them: Mirror Height: Mirrors Should not be excessively high so that everyone can approach them. If the mirrors are over the sink, the base edge can’t be higher than 40 inches from the floor. Other mirrors should not be higher than 35 inches from the ground. Thinking about the estimation of mirrors in a small washroom, this prerequisite really attempts to further your potential benefit. Turning Space: In front of sinks, 30 x 48-inch rectangular access is required. One or more stalls must have a similar rectangle with toilet having 16 to 18 inches middle line from the walls. A turning circle of 60 inches is also required to make sure that disabled users with wheelchairs can easily rotate in the toilet. Shockingly, it puts a ton of confinements on planning a small restroom. In any case, you could get yourself at risk in the event that you overlook them, so we suggest that you make yourself aware of the complete ADA requirements before starting your small restroom design process. Toilet Height: Toilet seats are required to be between 17 to 19 inches. The level should not be above 44 inches from the ground and must be on the open side of the toilet. Hand Dryers: Hand dryers should not exceed 4 inches from the wall and must be touch free.

Importance of Regular Cleaning

To keep your small restroom clean and comfortable, there is a particular maintenance problem that is important for you to consider. You should be persistent with cleaning. Customary cleaning is an absolute necessity regardless of how huge your restroom is. In a small restroom, things like paper towels on the floor or an obstructed sink puts a big impact. Make sure you keep the floor clean and sinks are 100% accessible all the time for your small restroom. In case you have put reflective surfaces throughout the restroom, you have to ensure they aren’t smirched or seem filthy. Fingerprints and other spots will be increasingly evident if you have incorporated reflective surfaces. In addition, taking into account how much an organization is known by the state of its restroom, keeping a restroom clean is the best practice regardless of whether you have a small restroom or not.

Who you should Trust for your Small Restroom Design?

Since you are prepared to handle the design procedure for your small commercial bathroom, you have to ensure you have a partner that you can trust. This is where 10-spec comes in. For over 45 years, we have been supplying and installing durable and top class American-made toilet partitions and stalls including free design consultations. We offer a wide range of materials, finishes, designs and accessories which enables us to meet your all design needs. We offer five different types of partition materials: Laminate, powder coated steel, solid plastic, stainless steel and phenolic. As we mentioned above, a polished or steel material is particularly appropriate for small restrooms. Our powder coated partitions come in a wide scope of reflective colors, giving you a lot of designs to choose from! If you are still not sure, we are anxious to do what we can to assist you with your structure. That is the reason we offer free consultations and mock ups! We can also send free samples to give you an overview of our amazing materials. So what are you waiting for? Get in touch today!



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