Compartments Removal

10-SPEC offers expert dismantling and removal of your existing materials. Our technicians possess the right tools and extensive experience to properly handle your toilet compartments removal without causing any damage to your floor and wall surfaces.

expert are working on commercial bathroom partition installation

Stall Removal

We understand that when it comes to dismantling and removing existing material, there is no room for mistakes. Our team of highly skilled technicians have been equipped with the latest tools and have years of experience under their belt, ensuring a safe and efficient compartments removal process.

Take Away

We offer “Take Away” away service to properly dispose of your old material top to the proper recycling facilities

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Existing holes

If your project requires new Toilet Compartments only, we can usually match/ cover up all the existing holes.

Why Choose Our Compartment Removal Services

When it comes to compartment removal, choosing the right service provider is crucial for a smooth and damage-free experience. Our team of experienced technicians is equipped with the specialized tools and expertise needed to meticulously dismantle and remove your toilet compartments. We prioritize protecting your floors and walls, ensuring that no damage occurs during the compartment removal process. With a commitment to excellence and attention to detail, we offer reliable and professional services that you can trust.

expert are working on commercial bathroom partition installation

Same Day Service

Same Day Service – Limit the time your restroom is down by removing old and installing new on the same day

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Expert Commercial Toilet Partition Installers

Expert Installation

Rest assured we have the professional installers needed to get the job done right and on schedule.

Choosing the right Products

Our experts will work with you to make sure you find the product that best suits your facility and needs. Whether its privacy, durability, or aesthetics, or budget we will help you decide on the best material for you.

White Glove Delivery

On request we can provide personal delivery on one of our vehicles, meet the installer and make sure we leave you with no mess or hassle. Let us take care of the project for you, from start to finish.


Our team has over 50 years of combined experience in the industry, so we can make sure your design intent is accomplished. If you don't have a plan we will design one for you!


10 Spec experts make sure your restroom partitions are assembled according to code (e.g., ADA codes, local fire codes).

Our promise to the Customer

All of our installation are guaranteed for at least 1-year and we will make sure you atre 100% satisfied. Most materials are guaranteed from the manufacturer for 10-25 years!

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At 10-Spec we stand behind our products and services with confidence.

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