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We specialize in bathroom partition service, compartments service, stall services, fire extinguishers and much more.

Our certified experts have over 45 combined years of experience and the knowledge to service and install the most challenging partition projects in all styles.

Don’t waste time – and money – pouring through bids and offers. Instead, put 10-Spec’s commercial bathroom industry experience to work with the right professionals and the best prices.

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Our skilled and experienced installers complete any commercial bathroom partition installation on time and on budget. Request for a free quote from one of our experienced bathroom partition consultants.

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Precise measurements are key when you’re going to order partitions for a commercial or public bathroom. If you order partitions that aren’t the right size, you might have issue with them to fit correctly in the field.

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Bathroom partition materials vary in features and price. Many options are available for both cost sensitive customers and demanding, high-end projects. There are options for all situations. When selecting, consider: the installation environment, required durability, desired aesthetics, and the project budget.

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Delivering unmatched customer satisfaction begins with getting our commercial reset room components to our customers quickly and efficiently. With 24-hour construction materials shipping service, job site delivery and our own dedicated freight line, we make sure you get your Toilet Compartments, Partitions, Lockers and Fire Equipment on time.

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Why Choose
Expert Service

Material Delivery

This can include delivery coordination with the manufacturer, temporary storage at the installer’s location if necessary, and checking of merchandise condition and order completeness

Assembly and installation

Professional partition installers will furnish and install partitions according to the plan after dellivery.

Extended Lifespan

Familiar with manufacturer products, know the corresponding warranties, and have the specialized tools needed to assemble compartments so that it works properly. Their professional tools and moving equipment can also avoid damage that may otherwise occur during installation.

Restroom accessories installation expert

Follow the plan

Our partition experts will make sure that the plan is followed. Based on the weight, size and dimensions of the partitions, installers know the staging sequence and placement required to make the plan work and avoid damage.

Adherence to regulation

10 Spec experts make sure your restroom partitions are assembled according to code (e.g., ADA codes, local fire codes) keeping you compliant with the law and free of fine.

Post-installation maintenance

Final details including clean up and disposal of all packaging and debris. Most providers will also dispose of old partitions. You should be able to call for post-installation maintenance if something isn’t working properly.

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