Phenolic toilet partitions

Solid Phenolic Toilet Partitions

PhenolicToilet Partitions

Solid phenolic toilet partitions are a one of a kind material manufactured particularly for full water contact, over crowded, and vandal vulnerable conditions. It is perfect for high humidity environments and where hose-down cleaning techniques are utilized. Our phenolic toilet partitions are made out of melamine impregnated beautiful surface papers superimposed over a different number of Kraft phenolic sheets to accomplish an ideal thickness, framing a one-piece strong and minimal center board, which won't delaminate. The uncompromising and prevalent quality of phenolic toilet partitions offer numerous preferences, including harm resistant. Phenolic surpasses the Fire Protection Association's standard for smoke creation.

Solid phenolic toilet partitions are available in wide range of colors, styles and wood grain surface alternatives to engage any facility environment. If you are looking for a rock solid, water proof solution then you are at the right place! If your goal is to reduce costs then plastic laminate toilet partitions are the best option.

Colors & Finishes

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  • Quick ship only available in standard part sizes and in Overhead Braced. Grey Dawn & Almond also available in Floor Mounted.
  • For non-standard part sizes or other configuration styles, refer to “made to order” lead time below.
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  • Swatches are a printed representation of the color. Please view an actual sample prior to making your final selection.
  • *Premium colors available for an upcharge.
  • Special colors available for an upcharge.

Features of Phenolic Toilet Partitions

  • Construction Details
  • pilasters and doors are 3/4" thick, boards are 1/2" thick, and accompany a class-B fire rating.
  • Divider and pilaster sections are 13-gauge, stainless steel type 304.
  • Requires 1 or 2 ear sections. All fittings and equipment are stainless steel.
  • Heavy Duty
  • Strong phenolic is a very hard core and indestructible material.
  • Phenolic Toilet partitions come in a wide range of custom colors and styles, hardware options and premium upgrades.
  • Unrivaled quality outcomes in extraordinary harm obstruction.
  • Water Resistant
  • Solid phenolic is a one of a kind material that is structured particularly for full water contact.
  • It is perfect for high stickiness zones, or where hose-down cleaning techniques are utilized.
  • Durable
  • Ability to resist water and humidity makes it durable.
  • Many architects and designers select solid phenolic partitions for this reason.

Phenolic Toilet Partition
Expert Service

Source and delivery of Materials

This can include delivery coordination with the manufacturer, temporary storage at the installer’s location if necessary, and checking of merchandise condition and order completeness

Assembly and installation

Once the materials is on-site at your location, professional installers will furnish and install partitions according to the layout plan.

Extended Lifespan

Familiar with manufacturer products, know the corresponding warranties, and have the specialized tools needed to assemble compartments so that it works properly. Their professional tools and moving equipment can also avoid damage that may otherwise occur during installation.

Restroom accessories installation expert

Follow the plan

Even though restroom plans may look simple, installing bathroom partitions according to specified layouts can be challenging. Based on the weight, size and dimensions of the partitions, installers know the staging sequence and placement required to make the plan work, minimize movement, and avoid damage.

Adherence to regulation

10 Spec experts make sure your restroom partitions are assembled according to code (e.g., ADA codes, local fire codes) keeping you compliant with the law and free of fine.

Post-installation maintenance

Final details including clean up and disposal of all packaging and debris. Most providers will also dispose of old partitions. You should be able to call for post-installation maintenance if something isn’t working properly.

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