Hadrian’s anti-graffiti toilet partitions and lockers allow the use of commercial graffiti removers to completely eliminate graffiti without causing damage to the finish. The powder coating retains its original brilliance and no sign of the graffiti is left behind!

Proven graffiti resistance and easily removes:

Hadrian’s anti-graffiti toilet partition
hardiann golden colour anti-graffit partition

Entry-level Cost​

Hadrian anti-graffiti toilet partitions meet the same ASTM requirements as other products that are three times the price, making it a cost-effective solution


Hadrian is proud of the fact that its powder coating system is environmentally friendly. There is virtually no waste, energy consumption is low, and there are no solvent emissions

image of DesignerSeries™ HPL Traditional Partitions
Hardian powder coted thoug

Powder Coated Tough

Hadrian’s graffiti solution is not a secondary coating that will wear off over time. Graffiti resistant properties are built in to the durable powder coated finish, ensuring easy maintenance and long lasting effectiveness


Powder coated toilet partitions address the key areas of durability, high recycled content, fire resistance and graffiti resistance – all at an entry-level price! with a range of Privacy and Design Options to customize your partitions.

Hadrian’s solid plastic toilet partitions are made from durable high density polyethylene (HDPE) material and offer the utmost in strength and durability.

Hadrian Powder Coated partition materials
Powder Coated
Hadrian Powder Coated partition materials

Colors & Finishes

Kilim Beige



Tricorn Black

Mounting Styles

Mounting Styles


Overhead Braced

Created for areas where high strength is required and installation considerations prevent other toilet partition options. Headrail is used for additional strength. Most popular style. The construction has pilasters that are attached to the floor mounted.


Floor Mounted

Floor mounted structure is ideal for restrooms with concrete floors. It provides a consistent appearance across the top of panels and pilasters for a modern look. Headrail is not required. It provides a consistent flush appearance across the top with pilasters, doors and panels all at the same height.

image EILING HUNG prtition

Ceiling Hung

This style provides for unobstructed floor space beneath the stalls. Floor to ceiling pilasters can be added to provide maximum strength and durability. This style goes hand-in-hand with wall-hung fixtures for full floor accessibility. Proper installation requires attachment to structural ceiling support.


Floor to ceiling

Recommended for rooms with low to medium height ceilings where additional stability is desired. Maximum recommended floor to ceiling height of 96". Requires ceiling reinforcement. Floor to ceiling style is highly specified by architects as a result of visual and aesthetic appeal.

Construction Features


Graffiti can be removed without damaging the finish or leaving a mark behind

Coat Hook & Bumper


Doors, panels and pilasters will not warp, chip, delaminate or flake and minor damage can be easily repaired.

Turn Latch & Keeper

Quick Turnaround

Up to 90% less lighter material and pre-drilled pilasters mean a quicker install and turnaround.


Expert Commercial Toilet Partition Installers

Expert Installation

Rest assured we have the professional installers needed to get the job done right and on schedule.

Choosing the right Products

Our experts will work with you to make sure you find the product that best suits your facility and needs. Whether its privacy, durability, or aesthetics, or budget we will help you decide on the best material for you.

White Glove Delivery

On request we can provide personal delivery on one of our vehicles, meet the installer and make sure we leave you with no mess or hassle. Let us take care of the project for you, from start to finish.


Our team has over 50 years of combined experience in the industry, so we can make sure your design intent is accomplished. If you don't have a plan we will design one for you!


10 Spec experts make sure your restroom partitions are assembled according to code (e.g., ADA codes, local fire codes).

Our promise to the Customer

All of our installation are guaranteed for at least 1-year and we will make sure you atre 100% satisfied. Most materials are guaranteed from the manufacturer for 10-25 years!

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