Door Hardware / Brackets / Headrails

Bathroom Partition Hardware

10 Spec provides premium materials:

Door hardware is available in die-cast chrome or cast stainless steel. Bracket hardware is available in die-cast chrome or stamped stainless steel.

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Top Hinge Bracket

Top Hinge Pin

Bottom Hinge Bracket

Stay Set Cam

Concealed Latch

Strike & Keeper

Door Pull

Coat Hook & Bumper

Door Bumper

Surface Mounted Latch

Strike & Keeper Surface Latch (Inswing / Emergency)

Strike & Keeper Surface Latch (Inswing / Non-Emergency)

Strike & Keeper Surface Latch (Outswing)


1″ – 2 Ear Bracket

1″ – 1 Ear Bracket

1-1/4″ – 1 Ear Bracket

1″ – U-Bracket

Panel/Pilaster Alcove Clip