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July 8, 2019

Bathroom Habits Survey: Men VS Women

Bathroom Habits Survey: Men VS Women 1

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With regards to restroom practices, people have numerous similitudes. However, the distinctions may shock you. Here’s a glance at how restroom habits contrast between the two genders according to the bathroom habits survey conducted by different washroom companies to promote hygiene.

Washing Hands

bathroom habits survey

An appraisal of 100,000 individuals in Europe a few years back uncovered that 38% of men and 60% of women wash their hands subsequent to utilizing the washroom! The rates go up when someone else is in the restroom and people who normally do not wash hands do it because of the people around them in the restroom.

Toilet Paper Crumpling Vs Folding

With regards to tissue paper usage, would you say you are a folder or a crumpler? A recent report from MIT’s bathroom habits survey discovered that 52% of ladies and  38% of men crumple tissue paper as opposed to folding it. 10% of the two genders say they don’t have an inclination.

Fold vs crumple

Talking or Reading in the Washroom

A bathroom habits survey conducted in 2012 demonstrated that 75% of men and women said they use their cell phones in the restroom. 30% of men said they generally need their smartphone in the washroom because of important calls or messages while only 20% of ladies said the equivalent.

Reading in bathroom

63% of both genders accepted that they attend calls while in the washroom, and 41% admitted that they place phone calls while in the toilet. Setting sex aside, youngsters use cellphones more likely than older people in the washroom. Around 50% of individuals between 18-29 text while being in the toilet. 42% between 30-44 age range and just 24% of people over the age of 45 text while in the toilet.

Who Takes More Time in the Restroom?

With regards to spending more time in the bathroom, there isn’t much research but there are a few realities to consider. In the first place, urinals occupy less room than restroom stalls, therefore in equivalent size spaces, men’s washrooms can occupy more individuals as compared to women’s washrooms as they do not use urinals. That likewise means lines in ladies’ washrooms are usually longer. On the whole, the normal time the both genders spend in the restroom every day is almost around 30 minutes, as per a bathroom habits survey.

Choosing the Bathroom Stalls

In case you’re given three stalls in front of you, how would you settle on your decision? Probably, you sidestep any that are busy, what if middle one is occupied or the left one is occupied or what if 3 of them are empty, which one you would enter?

As per one of the bathroom habits survey, 28% of men choose left one, 40% picked the center one and rest of the 32% went to the right one. In case of women, 34% picked the left stall, 29% went into the center stall and the remaining 37% women choose the right one. We are not sure of the reason why the women avoid the center stall.

Everyone has their own priorities, but we recommend that you pick the one that is cleanest and loaded with toilet paper.

Do Men Sit Down to Pee?

Mostly the women sit down to pee because of their anatomy. Contrary to women, men have a choice in the matter, but the question is what percentage of men sit down to pee?

As indicated by a John Hopkins Survey in 2011, an astounding 35% of the 2000 men accepted that they sit down to pee because it makes them more comfortable, avoids splatter and voice level is reduced.

What Men and Women Hate in Bathroom?

Men and women are pushed into circumstances where willingly or unwillingly they need to share private washrooms with each other: married couples, girlfriends and boyfriends, and roommates etc. As indicated by a survey in 2005, many complaints from both genders have been recorded:

Men’s Complaints:

  • 15% said too many products beside the sink.
  • 8% said She talks from within the toilet.
  • 2% said she does not change toilet paper.
  • 6% complained about messy sink.

Women’s Complaints

  • 6% said he never changes toilet paper.
  • 5% complained about messy sink.
  • 2% complained about uncleaned bowl.
  • 6% complained about beard or hair in the sink.
  • 8% said they leave toilet seat up.

Our Advice

Bathroom Habits Survey: Men VS Women 2

While there’s all that could possibly be needed to consider, after all the collected information and bathroom habits survey, here is what we advise to our readers:

  • Flush toilet after closing the lid.
  • Wash your hands.
  • Clean your cellphone with disinfectant after washroom use.
  • Check for water and toilet paper
  • Don’t damage or graffiti restroom partitions

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